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Here in Nebraska we know snow. Before you buy deicer from Florida click here.

ice melt liquid Icenator Classic 2.0 Liquid Anti-icer and Deicer

Icenator Classic 2.0 is only available in 1 - Gallon Jugs and 5 - Gallon Buckets. Icenator Green is available in 1 - Gallon Jugs, 5 - Gallon Buckets, 55 - Gallon Drums, and 275 - Gallon Totes.

Icenator 2.0 outperforms all other liquid anti-icing and deicing products across a wider spectrum of temperatures and the enhanced melting capacity provides longer cycle times.

Our liquid ice melt is easy to use and a safer way to melt unwanted ice and keep snow from bonding to surfaces. Our liquid deicer melt has been tested and approved, meeting the standards of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers as non-corrosive and has many advantages over other ice melts.

Our ice melting liquid is a powerful weapon in your arsenal for prevention and removal of ice and snow.

Recommended by Good HousekeepingIcenator is recommended by Good Housekeeping Magazine in the January 2009 Article "Snow Survival Guide".

Icenator Liquid Ice Melt We want you to help save your property from slips, corrosion and damage with an easy to apply liquid.

Icenator Liquid Ice Melt
When applied in a stream Icenator Classic 2.0 penetrates vertically though the snow to break the bond at the asphalt or concrete surface. It can be used as a stand alone product or blended with salt to expedite snow and ice removal and enhance traction.

Icenator Liquid Ice MeltIcenator products can be applied before or after a storm. Use our liquid melt Icenator Classic 2.0 at full strength for the highest effectiveness. Under most conditions one gallon typically covers 500 to 1000 square feet. Icenator Classic 2.0 liquid melt helps to prevent ice build up and adhesion of snow and ice to the road surface. Icenator Classic 2.0 is recommended for well cured concrete. Compared to salt and many deicers Icenator Classic 2.0 is safer and less corrosive on many surfaces. Use it on sidewalks, stairs, driveways, loading docks and ramps. The amount of precipitation, weather conditions, wind chill, ambient temperature and other factors affect the performance of how Icenator products can prevent and melt ice.

Large and small corporations use our liquid to fight freezing. Under the toughest conditions, highway departments and municipalities use our formula and it has proven itself over and over again. Several types of sprayers can be mounted on the back of small trucks for parking lot maintenance and melting. Sprayers can be also mounted on ATV's or lawn tractors for sidewalk and landscape ice melting maintenance. Hand liquid sprayers work very well for sidewalks and slippery stairs. The big secret is in our proprietary blend.

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Ice Meltingliquid ice melt

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