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ice melt liquidIcenator Green Liquid Deicer

Icenator Classic 2.0 is only available in 1 - Gallon Jugs and 5 - Gallon Buckets. Icenator Green is available in 1 - Gallon Jugs, 5 - Gallon Buckets, 55 - Gallon Drums, and 275 - Gallon Totes.

Technology breakthrough applied to our new non-chloride anti-icing/de-icing liquid!

Icenator Green liquid melt is not an acetate base like many non-chloride products. The new Icenator Green is the result of research and development to provide a non-chloride that will perform in low temperatures, has a low corrosion rate, and fills the void for a non-acetate based product.


Use Icenator Green for Anti-icing (application before the storm)

Used as an anti-icer, the melting capacity of Icenator Green provides longer cycle times between applications.


Use Icenator Green for De-Icing

Used as a liquid de-icer, Icenator Green provides excellent melting performance. When applied in a stream pattern, Icenator Green quickly penetrates through the snow pack and breaks the bond at the road surface.Icenator Liquid Ice Melt


Use Icenator Green for Pre-wetting

As an onboard pre-wetting agent for sand and other abrasives, Icenator Icenator Liquid Ice Meltreduces bounce and scatter, increases the effectiveness of the abrasive.


Phase Diagram / Corrosion ComparisonHigh Performance With Sprayer Systems on Bridges, Sidewalks and Driveways

Icenator Green liquid ice melt was designed to maintain a lower viscosity to enable it to perform at low temperatures and still maintain spray patens. This coupled with its low corrosion rate and excellent performance makes it a product of choice for bridges, driveways and other concrete structures.



New Icenator Green is a predictable product, the Phase Diagram to the left demonstrates the slow rising phase curve which illustrates its very consistent and predictable performance. The viscosity of Icenator Green allows it to flow at low temperatures, but still have enough viscosity to stay on the road longer. Icenator Green will not dry out after a storm and ·dust off' like acetate products. It will actually help reduce dust from abrasives and other roadway contaminants. Icenator Green will not aggressively attack galvanized metals like acetate based products can. Icenator Green is more environmentally friendly than most deicers and will not harm roadside vegetation.


The Pacific Northwest Snowfighters (PNS) coalition has adopted a test based on a modified version of NACE TM-01-59 to measure and rank de-icing chemicals in terms of relative corrosion toward ferrous metals. In this test, distilled water and salt are assigned relative corrosion rates of 0 and 100 respectively, and deicing chemicals are ranked according to these two standards. To be considered for use in the PNS states, a de-icer must score 30 or less (70% less corrosive than salt) on this scale. In this test Icenator Green® has been found to have an average score of 13.9%.


Typical Properties
Solids 60% - 65%
Specific Gravity 1.14-1.17
pH 5 - 5.5
Solubility >99%
Eutectic Point - 54º F
Appearance Light Green
Odor None

All New Icenator GreenIcenator Green melts ice and snow:

    • Non-Chloride
    • Safer Roads
    • Less stress for supervisor
    • Fewer complaints
    • Peace of mind
    • Improved public relations

Icenator Green has a lower refreeze point. It is a versatile ant-icing, de-icing, frost prevention liquid ice melter. It now out performs all other liquids at all temperatures.


Icenator Green has no harsh odor which leads to improved public perception and fewer complaints.


This liquid ice melt is fast acting and eliminates 'trouble spots' quickly. It makes your driveway easier to plow with predictable performance that you can count on.


Icenator Green is specially formulated for anti-icing and deicing roadways. As an anti-icer, Icenator Green is applied directly to paved surfaces to prevent snow and ice bonding. Deicing will also occur depending upon application rates. Icenator Green exceeds Pacific Northwest States and Colorado DOT specifications for corrosion protection. Icenator Green's unique composition is Bio Based and is more environmentally friendly than many other options.


Ice Meltingliquid ice melt

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