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Using Liquid to Melt Ice

Our ProductsWhat should I expect when using Your Product to Remove Ice?

Since it is much heavier than water, Icenator will penetrate as the liquid causes the ice to melt. Steps, walkways and other common areas that are your responsibility require rapid cleanup to help maintain a safer environment. That's priority one. An effective, fast acting deicer naturally makes ice and snow removal easier which, in turn, saves time and reduces maintenance. As you spray our liquid on existing ice you can hear it begin to crackle. It is starting to melt immediately. Our liquid deicer will melt a thin layer of ice instantly, but if the ice is thick at all the liquid tends to run off as it melts the ice. If you have thick existing ice use Icenator with salt or some other pelleted product in order to help keep the liquid in place so it can burn through the ice and migrate underneath it. Once the liquid migrates underneath the ice it will help to loosen the ice making mechanical removal more practical. While our liquid does not require sunlight to activate, it does work better in the presence of sunlight.


While liquid melt can work in very cold temperatures, it does work better when the temperature is above 10 degrees F. We do not recommend using liquid melts (or others) when the temperature exceeds 35 degrees F.

Any liquid that melts ice will eventually become diluted to the point where it no longer works, At that point the product would need to be reapplied. If you spray a mist of our liquid over a thick layer, it would be similar to adding a small amount of cooking oil to a cup of water or a thin layer of  frosting on a thick piece of cake. When the product is diluted by melting ice to the point that it no longer works, then it will need to be reapplied.  


You would think that something as simple and straight forward as our product would be a no-brainer to use. The truth is, that while this liquid is not rocket science there is a learning curve and application is more complex than it appears. Weather conditions are a great source of challenge and affect the results that you will obtain with any product you choose.

Highway departments pour Icenator in gravity flow streams rather than spraying it on the surface. These streams of Icenator penetrate through the ice to the road surface. It then flows out underneath the ice to break the bond at the road surface. Once the bond is broken, automobile traffic loosens the rest and aids in its removal. When applied in a stream, it penetrates to break the bond at the asphalt or concrete surface. It aids in prevention of the “slickness” period that you sometimes get with chloride brines. Once dry, asphalt sprayed with our product has more traction than asphalt that has not been sprayed at all.

Our ice melt liquid has a great many advantages. As far as we know, it is the strongest liquid available. Icenator is a weapon in your melt arsenal for prevention and removal. With some patience, you will find our liquid a powerful friend.


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